Services A to Z

> A

Arbitration Submissions (Dilapidations)

> B

Building Energy Rating Certificates (Commercial)
Boundary Disputes
Budget Costs
Building Owners Surveyor – Party Walls
Building Surveying Services
Building Survey Reports

> C

Certification Of Works
Condition Surveys
Construction Consultants
Contract Administration

> D

Defect Analysis
Design & Project Management

> E

Estimates For Construction Projects
Expert Evidence/Witness

> F

Faults In Buildings
Feasibility Studies
Fences (See Boundary Disputes)
Final Schedules Of Dilapidations
Final Accounts For Building Works
Fire Loss Assessment

> H

Housing Acts – Landlord Compliance Responsibility

> I

Ingoing Surveys / Schedules Of Condition – Negotiations With Landlords
Inspections Of Buildings
Interim Schedules Of Dilapidations
Interim Valuations Works

> L

Liability – Defects Litigation Services

> M

Maintenance, Repair And Small Works
Maintenance Plans And / Or Budgets

> N

Negotiations – Dilapidations
Neighbourly Matters – Party Wall / Boundary / Fences / Rights Of Way etc.

> P

Planning Applications For Alterations / Repairs etc.
Procurement Advice
Protected Structures Advice

> Q

Quantity Surveying Services: – Initial Costing – Budget Estimates – Cost Planning – Measured Estimates – Procurement Method Advice – Tender Lists – Specifications – Work Schedules – Sub Contracts – Tender Reports – Contract Preparation – Interim Valuations – Cost Reports – Final Accounts

> R

Refurbishment, Alteration, Extension, Repair Works, Full Building Surveying Service From Inception To Completion
Refurbishment Of Properties
Repairs – Notices Repairs – Scheduled – Costed – Implemented

> S

Schedules Of Condition
Schedules Of Dilapidations
Schedules Of Works – See Litigation Services
Second Opinion
Surveys Specifications
Stock Condition Surveys
Structural Surveys

> T

Terminal Schedules – Dilapidations
Third Surveyor – Party Walls

> V

Valuations Of Construction Work
Valuations For Depreciated Replacement Cost
Valuations Of Variations To Construction Contracts

> W

Works – Construction Work: Building Work, Sub Contract Work
Work Schedules (See QS Services)

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