Measured building surveys

Our standing as a team oriented to accuracy, client service and quality of our deliverables is based on laser scanning, reality capture and other technological solutions to meet our client’s spatial requirements.

> Topographical surveys

An analysis of the surroundings is basic to ensure a rapid and quiet construction phase of any structure or alteration, ascertaining any discrepancy with other information included in cadastral or property registers.

It will cover the relevant survey detail depending on client needs, ranging from individual utility locations to main site and building orientations and boundaries to major highways and ecological systems.

> Measured building surveys

Verification of given schedule of areas is crucial to achieve asset values during transaction process, accurately distinguishing net lettable areas and other gross and common areas to maximize rental returns.

This can be completed on a desktop basis other than scanning on site. A measured building survey is an essential tool before any refurbishment, alteration or redevelopment of any property, which can be a key factor in restoration preserving any particular historic interest before any modification is made.

> Scan to bim

For existing buildings, we will obtain BIM models from a 3D point cloud model created with laser scanners and digital surveying techniques.

The information is taken over a greatly reduced period of time, but with same accuracy and quality of information. Said cloud model consisting of millions of spatial points, can be exported to different formats or carefully edited until completion of a BIM model.

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